Maxwell’s Trial Judge With Shocking Announcement After Defense Witness Abandon Trial

The defense attorneys for Ghislaine Maxwell, accused of recruiting and grooming girls for her boyfriend Epstein to abuse, had a chance to call witnesses to defend her story and testify in her favor.

But, on Friday, the defense said that the witnesses had fallen through all at once as one declined to testify despite a subpoena. One wanted to plead the fifth, and a third will no longer give virtual testimony due to technical problems.

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Maxwell’s attorneys said the fourth, elderly English man would verify that the British socialite hadn’t lived in a London mansion, that one of the witnesses had pointed to as the abuse scene she was subject to, couldn’t fly stateside to do so.

“You have your witnesses, or you rest,” Nathan said.

“If this case closes today … it closes today,” the judge stated.

The defense rested the case on Friday afternoon, once two witnesses contradicted the Jane testimony, who said they’d been involved in orgies with her under Epstein and Maxwell’s guidance.

Before the jury entered, Epstein’s lawyers said that one “Kelly” who they thought would come to testify refused to comply with a subpoena and asked that US Marshalls force her to do so.

“Why am I hearing about it for the first time now?” she asked.

To be honest, your honor, it’s a lot of work,” she said.

“A nonresponsive witness is not a little thing, the judge said, to which Menninger replied that her client’s “life was on the line” and that they’d only had a day and a half to mount a defense.”

Maxwell was arrested during the summer last year, so they’ve had one year and a half to mount a defense.

The second witness wanted to plead the Fifth Amendment on the stat, which would depend on the constitutional right not to incriminate themselves.

It’s an inconvenient step for a person who can testify that they didn’t commit sex crimes with the defendant.

The third witness is missing, and that’s Alexander Hamilton. He’s an Englishman who stated that “Jane” told him the case had fallen into her lap.

He was supposed to testify via video link, but he had some technical difficulties that made the testimony impossible to perform.

Three witnesses who were supposed to testify in Maxwell’s defense are missing!

Epstein and Maxwell have been accused of this illicit business for many years, and much attention has been paid to their wealthy friends who may or may not have abused the underage girls.

Eva Andersson- Dubin, an ex-Miss Sweden, was one of the witnesses called to the stand. She’s the wife to the billionaire Glenn Dubin, who Epstein’s accusers have accused of abusing her when being underage. He denied these claims.

On Thursday, another Epstein and Maxwell’s employee, Cimberly Espinosa, gave an account of the two, admitting she has never been to Palm Beach where Jane and others were sexually abused.

The defense relied on claims that the four witnesses called by the state who allege they were groomed by Maxwell fabricated their claims to pin Epstein’s crimes on their client, alive, while her boyfriend isn’t. However, three of them got cold feet.

It is the most closely observed sex abuse ever!

No one wants to stand in defense of Maxwell.

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