Matt Gaetz Just Flipped The Tables On CNN Reporter!!!

Not that he’s to be excused – but maybe CNN went too far?

You be the judge of that…

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Since there is obvious hidden camera video footage proof that CNN is – indeed, a propaganda machine, regarding the whole thing they did to “expel” President Trump from the White House, what evidence do we have their other stories are not propaganda plans as well?

And, according to many stories reported by CNN, Matt Gaetz has problems with a minor teenage girl, and sexual allegations…

But, according to Politico, the whole story is starting to fall apart…

The National Pulse reported that the new report from POLITICO appears to confirm that “Congressman Gaetz still has no named accusers and that his one-time friend Joel Greenberg may have been attempting to pull others into the investigation to save himself. Politico goes on to say that the congressman has not been charged and so far no evidence has surfaced against him beyond anonymous allegations he had sex with a minor or paid for prostitutes.”

And since the basic principle of justice is “innocent until proven guilty”, Matt Gaetz is telling the truth, as far as we can tell…

A CNN reporter posted a video, where you can see Matt Gaetz on the Capitol steps – and Gaetz responded to him:

The CNN reporter wrote: “JUST IN: Rep. @MattGaetz leaves the Capitol after voting. Refused to answer any questions from @mkraju and me about the allegations or investigation into his conduct.”

Gaetz in response: “You refused to answer my questions about the Project Veritas video wherein your colleague details your network’s plot to attack me because I’m effective at blocking the Democrat agenda. ”

SNAP is what you call this!


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