Matt Gaetz And Trump Have Open Doors And Windows To Sue CNN! New CNN Hiden Camera Video Emerged!

CNN is in trouble!

It is something much more than their smelly ratings.

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Project Veritas exposed CNN using a hidden camera. The revelation isn’t only a little ‘’sting’’! CNN got walloped, and they have to be under federal investigation!

However, the most exciting part here is that Matt Gaetz and Trump can freely sue CNN for libel!

Even though he wasn’t aware of it, the top CNN Director was recorded. He bragged about how CNN used propaganda and aided Biden to win the elections in 2020.

The Democrats wanted to remove President Trump, and they will do anything to fulfill their goal.

But that wasn’t everything. CNN did the same to Matt Gaetz because he imposes a threat to the Dems.

Also, CNN’s top director said:

“The agenda is to get Matt Gaetz right now. He’s a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative, and he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing of laws… we’re going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him”

As we previously mentioned, they talked about keeping Trump out of office.

Moreover, from the video, we can hear that CNN used ‘’propaganda’’ to sell Biden as ‘’Young and healthy in aviator glasses’’ to the Americans.

“Today, CNN’s Technical Director admitted that they push “propaganda” and that the network’s “focus was to get Trump out of office” Just let that sink in for a minute.”

Many people commented on this issue.

We have to know who is CNN’s allay from the Dems! Who is the person who orders?

Finally, there is proof against CNN, so Trump and Matt Gaetz can sue them!

Jack Posobiec also commented on CNN’s intriguing video. “Project Veritas just gave Trump and Gaetz the evidence to sue CNN for willful defamation.”


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