Massive 145-Country Study Shows Increase Of Virus Transmission And Death After Introduction Of C-19 Vaccines!

Instead, to end the pandemic of the widespread rollout of the experimental vaccines, they caused an increase in vases and deaths globally. This has been proved from the latest study that analyzed the data from 145 of the most vaccinated counties.

The study called ‘“Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries” discovered that the vaccine caused 38% more in the US coronavirus cases per million and 31% in deaths per million.

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Researchers realized that 90% of the 145 countries experienced these side effects from the shots after they became available.

The study shows:

“Results indicate that the treatment (vaccine administration) has a strong and statistically significant propensity to causally increase the values in either y1 [variable chosen for deaths per million] or y2 [variable chosen for cases per million] over and above what would have been expected with no treatment.

y1 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+115/-13), which means 89.84% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total deaths per million associated with COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation [vaccines].

y2 showed an increase/decrease ratio of (+105/-16) which means 86.78% of statistically significant countries showed an increase in total cases per millionof COVID-19 due directly to the causal impact of treatment initiation.”

Researchers made a causal analysis and compared the pre and post-treatment periods to identify the difference in cases and deaths since the implementation of the vaccine by analyzing publicly available coronavirus data to see the effect of the widespread rollout. After eliminating the results from the countries with low vaccination rates and incomplete data, 128 counties with sufficient data on deaths and 103 countries to examine total cases, which comprised 145 unique countries.

“Countries with few COVID-19 deaths in the year 2020 appear to have fared the worst of all countries after vaccine administration (e.g Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Taiwan, Seychelles, Cambodia, etc.).

The causal impact results from vaccine administration seen in these countries [is] hundreds or thousands of percentage increases in total deaths and cases per million.

we can be most statistically confident in due to the direct increase of COVID-19 associated deaths and cases after vaccine administration, where prior to vaccine administration there were few or none.”

The most telling part of the results is that the counties with the fewest C-19 deaths in 2020 were those who had experienced the most significant increase in cases and deaths once the vaccine was introduced.

“The statistically significant and overwhelmingly positive causal impact after vaccine deployment on the dependent variables total deaths and total cases per million should be highly worrisome for policy makers. They indicate a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment that was originally sold to the public as the ‘key to gain back our freedoms.’The effect of vaccines on total cases per million and its low positive association with total vaccinations per hundred signifies a limited impact of vaccines on lowering COVID-19 associated cases.

These results should encourage local policy makers to make policy decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. These results should also encourage policy makers to begin looking for other avenues out of the pandemic aside from mass vaccination campaigns.”

In conclusion, researchers shared that the substantial increase in deaths and cases will be worrisome for the policymakers worldwide who have been promoting the shots as the crucial thing to normalize our lives.

This is only the latest evidence that we saw in the pandemic. The vaccines didn’t do anything but worsen the situation.

A few studies got the same result – the shots cause more illness than they prevent.

That’s referring to C-19 diseases, but there is an increase in people who suffer other diseases.

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