Mass Graves In Ukraine Expose Yet Another Western Propaganda

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Following more than two months since Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine in order to combat Nazism, the Ukrainian government has released numerous stories about the suffering that citizens have gone through at the hands of Russian troops. As some have urged the United Nations and America to intervene, accusations of killings and war crimes have filled the news every night.

Ukrainian authorities have claimed they’ve discovered a large number of bodies in what appears to be a mass grave built by the Russian military. While the tale has gotten attention, the allegations of a massive burial ground, as well as its details, may all be part of another media narrative.

Since the beginning of March, Mauripol citizens were victims of constant attacks from the Russian military forces.

Despite all the efforts, there are more than 100K trapped citizens inside the metropola.

However, at the same time, 12 miles west, near the town of Manhush, officials have suggested 200 new graves have been captured by a US satellite imagery company, Maxar Technologies. But as mentioned above, the grave might not be a product of the Russian.

See for yourself.

It’s morbid…

In the video above, a journalist decided to travel to the site and take a look. She noted, “It is Saturday, April 23. And I’m at the site of what Western media are alleging are mass graves. Now, these are clearly new graves, and an existing cemetery is in the distance, as media have noted. This is a marking of a person that was born in 1941. Has their name, has the date of their birth, and it’s obviously a known site. Now, there are also unknown graves, and they are simply numbered. But there are many that are actually marked with date of birth, or at least with name.”

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