Maryland County Will Be Revaccinating 70 Children, Due To Giving Them Expired Doses!

It’s CHILDREN we’re talking about. Not just any citizens! This is a vulnerable class!

The poor children were so young, from 5 to 11 years!

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“Approximately 70 children in Prince George’s County after they were given expired doses of the Pfizer vaccine.”

The Maryland department claims that the children, aged 5-11, are not at risk of health issues due to the error. However, it is a fact that the doses were two days expired.

“George L. Askew, deputy chief administrative officer for health, human services, and education, stated that the Health Department reached out to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to figure out how to handle the situation,” The Washington Post reported.

“It is nice when everyone is in agreement — and everyone was in agreement that receiving the expired vaccine was not going to be detrimental to the children’s health,” he said, according to The Post. “But everyone was also in agreement that it did not give all the protection and that children should get revaccinated.”

“We certainly regret this incident,” Askew reportedly said. “And we are really, really sorry for the inconvenience it causes our families.”

How do you feel about this “mistake”? Is it one to be forgiven?!

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