Markwayne Mullin DESTROYS Chris Wray Over FBI Double Standard

Since May, Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs have caused over a billion dollars in damage across the United States. Over 1,500 businesses or structures were damaged or destroyed by Black Lives Matter mobs in Minneapolis alone.

The BLM riots injured over 700 police officers — and that was back in June!

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Approximately 91 percent of the protests that resulted in the most costly property damage in US insurance history were related to Black Lives Matter.

For months, Democrats incited Black Lives Matter mobs to disrupt neighborhoods around the world.

This concerted and organized Antifa-BLM activity has been ignored by the FBI Director for years.

However, in the aftermath of Chris Wray’s raid on the US Capitol on January 6th, the FBI and DOJ have sentenced and arrested hundreds of conservative, patriotic Americans, including pregnant mothers, cancer patients, and journalists. All of these people are now in jail, despite the fact that they just broke the law by walking through the open doors of the US Capitol that day.

Chris Wray was finally called out on Wednesday.
Rrep. Markwayne Mullin eventually called out Chris Wray for his dereliction of duty and double standard with the law during a House Select Committee on Intelligence hearing.

During a hearing before the House Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Markwayne Mullin questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray’s double standard in punishing Capitol rioters and those in Portland.

“There seems to be a surge of leniency being given to persons convicted for federal crimes in Portland under the Biden administration,” Mullin, a Republican from Oklahoma, said during the hearing. “It appears that federal prosecutors are accepting deferred resolution arrangements in a variety of cases, encouraging offenders to serve community service instead of going to prison and avoiding a criminal record.

Why is there such a difference in charges between those convicted on Jan. 6 and those charged in Portland?”

Wray initially blamed local prosecutors, claiming that the FBI only investigates crimes and does not decide whether or not to prosecute them.


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