Marjorie Taylor Greene Pulls a Brilliant Move to Ensure Dem Defeat

Nobody fights harder or earns more money than Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

This woman is a fearless force to be reckoned with, taking on both the left and the right.

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And right now, we really need to be battling these RINOs, because if we don’t get rid of them, no matter how hard we try to defeat the Democrats, we’ll never win anything.

“I requested a motion to adjourn to allow Democrats time to consider their options before passing the heinous HR1 and the Hate Police Act. Some Republicans complained to me that I had fucked up their plans. Please accept my apologies for interrupting fundraising calls and breakfast. GOP supporters are fed up with the party’s “bad Rs.”

It’s also worth watching the video below, in which she discusses the subject on “True America’s Voice.”


But it’s not just Republicans she’s after; she’s even going after Democrats, and she’s making huge moves to make sure they go down in flames.

Marjorie has fought against a bill proposed by Democrat Cori Bush that would allow convicted offenders to vote.

The bill’s specifics are as follows:

“America does not love all of its people,” Rep. Cori Bush, a democratic Democrat from Missouri, claimed on the House floor, claiming that more than 5 million Americans are actually imprisoned and therefore unable to vote.

On Tuesday, Bush and New York Democrat Rep. Mondaire Jones proposed an amendment to HR 1, expansive voting rights legislation. In its current form, the bill will preserve the right for those with criminal convictions, but not for those who are currently incarcerated — one of every six of whom is Black.

“This can’t go on like this,” Bush said. “It is not justice to disenfranchise our own citizens.”

The amendment was defeated. The amendment received little Republican support, and most Democrats opposed it as well, so it was defeated by a vote of 97 to 328.

The bill was defeated in a bipartisan vote, but what we want to see is what Majorie did at the end to ensure that Democrats couldn’t pull a fast one and get it passed.

Marjorie took the following steps to ensure that this did not happen: “On the House floor, @CoriBush’s “Violent Convicted Criminals May Vote” amendment was defeated by a bipartisan vote. I requested a roll call vote so that the Democrats wouldn’t be able to drive it through by voice vote.”

Moves like this show the left that we’re fighting back…and that’s just what we need.

And, believe me when I say, no one understands and exploits Republicans’ flaws like the Democrats.

It will change everything if they see the tide changing and know that we now have people on our side who will stand up and fight and challenge everything they do, and we will be beating them at their own game.

That is why we need a large number of Marjories!




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