Marjorie Taylor Greene: A Law That Would Ban Fauci And The Vaccine Passports Is In Development!

If you’re among the people who are still in doubt to vaccinate – DON’T!

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And if your deliberation thesis is telling you that there is still not enough proof that vaccines could be wrong and harm you, think like that, but from the other point of view. There is still not proof that vaccines could actually be good and protect you from the COVID 29 and all its mutations, that are still being developed and found!

Georgia GCongresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been openly opposing Biden and his administration, as well ad the whole Democrat’s politics on almost everything, and she has never, even once, taken a step back, agreeing to conclude a “silent respect deal” with them.

That’s why this woman has the most tremendous admiration and honor from me personally.

But, furthermore, she did such a brave American job to introduce an actual law that could end the mandatory need to wear masks or to get vaccinated and have “vaccination passports” in order to travel somewhere, especially with public transport, which every single one of us uses and needs to use in these rapid days.

“Americans deserve better than a self-promoting career bureaucrat like Fauci, who spent the last year getting it wrong almost all of the time,” Marjorie stated for the Washington Examiner.

Here’s what the laws will actually integrate, and what they would oppose:

And here’s the real statistics, based on actual people’s opinions, instead of the propaganda we’re watching on the news.

“Only 44% of Americans believe that the Chinese-modeled vaccine passport is a good idea according to Rasmussen Reports. That has not stopped the Biden administration from working with corporations to force Americans into getting the experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine by restricting their ability to engage in commerce. In the meantime, government-influenced corporations have launched creepy advertisement campaigns featuring former Presidents and celebrities urging Americans to get vaccinated despite reports of horrifying reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.”


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