Marjorie Exposes Dinesh on Why GOP Keeps Losing

Since Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene may be the most revolutionary member of our government.

This woman is actually fighting for positive change in Washington, D.C. for every ounce of energy she has.

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Marjorie points out precisely why the GOP keeps losing fight after fight in this incredible interview with Dinesh D’Souza — and it’s all down to laziness.

Majorie states that when it comes to their responsibilities in our government, the GOP is comfortable with doing the bare minimum.

They’d rather earn their paychecks than risk their lives for the sake of the American people.

But Marjorie is fighting back hard, and she’s already putting in motion incredible reforms that will begin to transfer power back to the people.

Watch the following video:

I’ll tell you, she’s a warrior!

Her decision to hold these roll call votes may seem insignificant to others, but it has a significant effect.

She discussed this one with Dinesh, in which her roll call vote defeated Rep. Cori Bush’s amendment allowing convicted felons to vote.

“America does not love all of its people,” Rep. Cori Bush, a democratic Democrat from Missouri, claimed on the House floor, claiming that more than 5 million Americans are actually imprisoned and therefore unable to vote.

On Tuesday, Bush and New York Democrat Rep. Mondaire Jones proposed an amendment to HR 1, expansive voting rights legislation. In its current form, the bill will preserve the right for those with criminal convictions, but not for those who are currently incarcerated — one of every six of whom is Black.

“This can’t go on like this,” Bush said. “It is not justice to disenfranchise our own citizens.”

The amendment was defeated. The amendment received little Republican support, and most Democrats opposed it as well, so it was defeated by a vote of 97 to 328.


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