Marilyn Mosby To Be Taken Down By Feds and Grand Jury

Are you familiar with Marilyn Mosby?

She’s the top prosecutor in Baltimore, and she’s the one who messed up the “Freddie Gray” case by overcharging police officers.

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After being arrested for possessing a knife, Freddie Carlos Gray Jr., a 25-year-old African American, was killed by the Baltimore Police Department on April 12, 2015. Gray was injured while being transported in a police van and was taken to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

Most everyone – on the right and left – accused Mosby of using Mr. Gray’s death to advance her career. Every blunder she made in the Gray case was aimed at advancing her career.

And it was witnessed by all.

The Baltimore Sun published this article.

Ms. Mosby, in fact, has taken no lessons from our city’s grief over Gray’s death and has done nothing to address the police policies that contributed to it. In this election year, her lawyers are seeking long prison sentences for minor drug offenses; they are regularly prosecuting defendants who have strong evidence of innocence; and they are pursuing prosecutions in cases where the State’s witnesses are police officers with serious integrity issues.

Gray’s life and death in this city should stand for something real. In support of an end to the War on Drugs. For a genuine dedication to ethical policing. For the purpose of investing in and supporting our youth. Instead, Ms. Mosby uses his name to spruce up her shabby reputation and, presumably, win votes. He and we all deserve better.

Self-serving people don’t change their colors or patterns, and Marylin Mosby’s narcissism appears to have finally caught up with her in a “criminal” way.

The feds and a grand jury are now after her and her husband in a serious criminal investigation.

News from the United States

A criminal investigation into the finances of Baltimore’s top prosecutor and her husband, the city council president, has been opened by federal prosecutors.
The Baltimore Sun reported on Friday that a grand jury subpoena was issued for tax returns, bank and credit card statements, and other financial documents for State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and City Council President Nick Mosby.

Marilyn Mosby’s campaign treasurer was served with a subpoena that requested records dating back to 2014, some of which were related to the Mosbys’ private travel and consultancy companies.

Scott Bolden, the Mosbys’ spokesman, dubbed the investigation a witch hunt. He stated that he told the couple not to speak publicly, but that they are cooperating with the authorities.
“Because my clients are progressive change agents, they are unfairly targeted by federal investigators. Nonetheless, I can assure you and the Baltimore people that they have done nothing illegal, inappropriate, or unlawful,” he said in a statement.

Their financial dealings have been scrutinized in recent months, prompting the investigation. For three years of unpaid taxes, the IRS filed a $45,000 tax lien on their home in October.

Marilyn Mosby made two dozen trips without prior permission in 2018 and 2019, according to a report released last month by the city’s inspector general.

International travel was included, with stops in Kenya, Germany, and Portugal. Marilyn Mosby claimed she was under no obligation to seek permission because the trip was paid for by nonprofit organizations. Six of the trips, totaling about $4,000, were paid for in full or in part by taxpayers, according to the inspector general.


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