Maricopa County Must Turn Over 2.1 Million November Election Ballots to Senate

Things are finally starting to make sense!

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Basic math: if you have less change, but now exactly where and what you’ve spent – you redo the math, asking cashiers for that extra cash they haven’t given back!

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason ruled the “absolute must” for Maricopa Country to provide at least 2.1 million ballots from the November elections to the Arizona state Senate. And this sounds as the most logical and mindful thing to do in the situation we’re in.

However, he additionally added that “The Court finds that the subpoenas are legal and enforceable. There is no question that the Senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas. The subpoenas comply with the statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas. The Senate also has the broad constitutional power to oversee elections.”

State Senator, Warren Petersen, a member of the Republicans, has also confirmed that the Senate will go through with a so-called “forensic audit” of Maricopa’s election results. Simply because, compared to the previous election results, Maricopa County has shown 2.1 million people more!  This is not a small number. Moreover, it is a huge number, able to mage huge differences in the results of the elections.

However, we still don’t know if the Maricopa Board of Supervisors will appeal the decision of Judge Thomason.

Though the allegations of voter fraud are against President Trump, we don’t share that opinion and think that is vice versa.

Let’s see if the math also supports logic this time.


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