Maricopa Country Is Testing Dominion Equipment for 2021 Local Elections

Maricopa county announced that the $2.8 million dollars of tax money used to pay for the dominion machines that were used for the audits – are just thrown wasteful money, since, the machines were broken (somehow) during those same audits, and could never ever be used again.

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However, the fact that the audit was repeatedly repeated a few times, shows us one other thing.

that the tests don’t even work!

So, the money was not necessary to be spent on such occasion – especially coming off the Government’s budget and the hungry citizen’s mouths.

For nothing!

But – here’s something even more disturbing!

Despite the deep distrust, “Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri was caught on a secret recording saying that he doesn’t feel comfortable with Dominion and neither does Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, Democrats, Republicans and Independents don’t trust Dominion, and Dominion cannot be used again next election.”

And, to spice it up, “Maricopa County is still sending the wrong ballots to the wrong homes in mass quantities.”

The same happened just before the 2020 elections where Maricopa residents reported receiving other people’s ballots in their homes.

And, to be using systems that were definitely broken, hacked, and set-up?!

Well, something’s starting to smell from the top, when Maricopa is obviously taking the wrong turn to handle the upcoming elections, allowing for cheating and set-ups to happen right before the nose of the entire American public!

The same thing happened just before the 2020 election, where Maricopa County residents were receiving other peoples’ ballots.

Maricopa County shared a Tweet providing Livestream access to their machine tests. Everybody needs to watch.


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