Maria Reveals Insider Info On Biden and Obama Behind the Scenes

As we all know, Biden’s success as president has been less than impressive.

Things have descended into utter chaos in just a few months: the border is a mess, the stimulus is a joke, student loan repayment is a ruse, and free education has been flushed down the toilet.

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Of course, there’s a lot more to it, but ultimately, Biden is struggling on nearly every front.

Is it, however, just Biden who is failing? Is it possible that someone else is manipulating the situation?

According to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Biden is regularly on the phone with Obama, and she thinks the former president is the one influencing these significant decisions.

This isn’t a brand-new idea.

Many people believe Biden is just a ruse for a far bigger player.

Susan Rice has also been referred to as the “shadow president” by others.

Richard Grenell, Trump’s top spy officer, had this to say about Rice’s mysterious role in the Biden administration:

On “Sunday Morning Futures,” he said, “I think you need to keep a close eye on Susan Rice.” “She’ll be the president’s shadow.”

Rice has no background in domestic policy, but she would be “incredibly powerful” under the new administration, according to Grenell, who called Biden’s choice “interesting.”

Rice also knows the “entire apparatus,” according to Grenell, having worked as a national security advisor in the Obama administration.

“I believe the fact is that she will be in charge of both foreign and domestic policy,” he said. “She’s probably ecstatic that Kamala Harris will be preoccupied with the Senate… and won’t have much time to think about policy.”


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