Many People Believe Biden’s “Situation Room” Photo Was Staged, and They Have “Evidence” to Prove it

A photo of Joe Biden sitting in his Camp David situation room, “overseeing” what’s going on in Afghanistan has been circulating.

It was given to give the impression that Joe is truly “involved” in the Afghanistan catastrophe that his handlers have created.

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It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially because a big portion of the country believes Joe’s only hobby is licking ice cream cones, which is debatable at this point.

Despite this, the photo was widely circulated and was quickly attacked for potentially “outing” CIA officials who were visible on one of the displays, which had the word “CIA” written in large letters.

Oh, my goodness…

However, as more individuals looked at the shot, they saw something else: something was “off,” and many people now suspect the photo was not taken yesterday.

The explanation for this is the time displayed on the clocks.

The first tweet below is from Kyle Becker, a former Fox News producer, and it explains the theory.

“Recent White House images reveal a 3-hour time difference between London and Moscow,” he claimed. There are a few plausible possibilities. Either the clocks at Camp David are broken or the photographs were taken before March 28, when London went ahead with Daylight Savings Time but Moscow did not. This is perfectly OK.


This other tweet, too, received a lot of attention:

“JOE HAS NOT RETURNED TO CAMP DAVID! THE ENTIRE TELEVISION HAS BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED INTO THE OLD PICTURE! Because of the 2 hour time difference, this photo could not have been taken today. The entire television is a hoax, and this was not the case today.”

There’s also a photo floating around of Joe in a suit, alone in the situation room, “watching” Afghanistan.

This is what people are saying about the photo on the internet:

“There’s a few floating around .. there supposedly 26 mins apart according to the time zone clocks “

“His sunglasses appear in the suit version, and his facemask has moved to his right and is crumpled. Seems he left and came back.”

“That’s the pic I first saw and thought it odd he was in a suit on vacation”

“Why would they leave this guy alone? He’s never alone, there’s always 18 thousand people there to catch him when he falls” 

“Who wears a suit on vacation LOL “

“They want us to think that Joe is this strong, capable leader when really, he’s a guy eating egg yolk off his chin” 

“Kamala has changed clothes, opened her window and it’s early morning hours in the second picture. The lady in the blue dress is gone and another male present in the second pic.”

“One was supposedly from yesterday the other from this morning.. Still Doesn’t explain the time difference between London and Moscow”

“Pictures of him carrying a brief case or writing some shit, like this pic, are grossly hilarious. You know DAMN well the only thing in his brief case is a PBJ and and a juice box. If it were only a skit and not real life.”

Well, I’m not sure why the clocks were “off,” but I can tell you why everyone is suspicious of anything and everything surrounding Joe — because we can all see that he’s a sick man who doesn’t have his wits about him, but the media and behind-the-scenes handlers want us to believe he does… That doesn’t sit well with many folks.

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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