Manchin Disgusted By Schumer’s Senate Speech – Walks Out!

Manchin was disgusted by what he heard at the Senate, and he just left the meeting, he walked out. He is the last blue dog Democrat. A moderate, sticking out like a sore thumb in the radical communist party. Honestly, I don’t know why he doesn’t become a Republican because he is more than Democrat.

We don’t know how long he would hold like this. Now I regret it because he left while his leader was speaking. It happened on Thursday, after Chuck Schumer’s speech about the increase of the debt ceiling.

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Bizpacreview reported that Republicans were treated to a torrid rant from the chamber floor by Senate Majority Leader Schumer, with his partisan sniping drawing a dramatic show from a member of his own caucus, Sen. Joe Manchin.

Manchin would like to rise and walk away while Schumer moved on to rail.

“In a few moments, the Senate will pass an extension of the debt limit, avoiding a first-ever Republican-manufactured default on the national debt,” Schumer said. “…Republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game, and I’m glad their brinksmanship did not work.”

“Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans insisted that they want a solution to the debt ceiling but said Democrats must raise it alone by going through a drawn-out, convoluted and risky reconciliation process,” the majority leader said. “That was simply unacceptable to my caucus. And yesterday, Senate Republicans finally realized their obstruction was not going to work. I thank, very much thank my Democratic colleagues for showing our unity in solving this Republican manufactured crisis.”

Take a look at the video below:

This is the entire clip.

Manchin spoke about his frustration with the speech. Civility IS GONE!

“I didn’t think it was appropriate at this time,” he said. “We have to de-weaponize. You can’t be playing politics. None of us can — on both sides. Both sides have been very guilty of this.”

Obviously, Manchin is a frustrated man with divisive politics. Now he’s in the middle and has nowhere to go unless he changes his party affiliation.

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