Dr. Malone Reveals Nancy Pelosi Asked Him Not To Speak About CDC Data

YOu know what this ACTUALLY reveals, right?

The entire case scenario and propaganda of the Dems is fake – they know it, we know it, the media knows it. But no one is allowed to speak about it!

Especially not prominent scientists and doctors in the field, that could ruin the entire narrative.

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Although the first month of 2022 isn’t even over yet, there have already been several panels held about the dangers of the COVID-19 agenda currently being pushed by the Biden administration.

“Claiming he was going to shut down the virus, not the economy, President Biden tried to force the COVID-19 jab on America’s workforce. Luckily, the Supreme Court would rule against the move, and since then, the floodgates have opened on the massive wheel of propaganda that is COVID-19,” reports have stated.

To that issue, Dr Malone, inventor of the mRNA approach in vaccination, which was used totally for the wrong cause, couldn’t have stayed silent about the US Government.

Adding that he didn’t want to spread any more “Fear Porn,” in the video below, the doctor explained how universal jabs could advance the evolution of COVID-19 to the point where more serious and deadly variants could be discovered

What’s your inner voice saying to you?

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