Male Teens Deaths Increased By 53% After C-19 Vaccine Rollout In 2021!

The Death Rate Increase Correlates With The Uptake Of Dose 1,2,3!

One investigation from Office for National Statistics data shared that from the vaccine rollout for teenagers, there is an increase in the number of male deaths among teenagers by 53%. Every spike in deaths correlates with a spike in the administration of the 1,2, and 3 doses of the C-19 shot.

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Further investigation shared that C-19 deaths remained low among this age group after the C-19 vaccination; they were higher than the number of the negligible deaths before the C-19 vaccine rollout.

This vaccination had a negative effect on the immune systems of teenagers, especially males, or deaths may have been misattributed to C-19.

The table above has been created from the information of the 2020 edition of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales. It shows the number of deaths every week from 2020 and 2021 among male teenagers from 15 to 19 years old. We can see from week 18 so on in 2021; there was a rise in deaths.

For example, in week 26, even though the C-19 virus caused havoc throughout the UK, there were only two deaths among male teenagers in England and Wales. However, one year later, we can see 19 deaths registered among male teens in England and Wales during week 26. It is an 850% increase.

The increase that happened from week 18 so on is concerning because, from the chart shared by the UKHSA in the Vaccine Surveillance report, it is the point of a spike in vaccinations of 18-19 year-olds started.


From the ONS report, we can see that there were 434 deaths among male teenagers in England and Wales from week one and week 52 in 2020. But, from week one and week 52 in 2021, there were 577 deaths among male teenagers in the same place.

The death numbers from weeks 1 and 17 in both years are almost identical, and that’s concerning; 170 deaths happened in 2020, and 172 deaths happened in 2021.

The difference in deaths happened after the C-19 vaccination was introduced to this group. Then, 264 deaths happened in this age group from week 18 to week 51 in 2020, and 405 deaths happened in the same time frame in 2021.

The death rate increased by 53% after the vaccine introduction.

Many people would blame the C-19 virus for the increase in deaths, but we elaborated on the number of C-19 deaths registered every week among male teenagers in England and Wales through 2020 and 2021.

Below you can see the chart.

The number of deaths among male teenagers has been scarce in the period of two years. No more than three deaths have been registered in one week. We can see that the C-19 virus doesn’t play some role in the increase of teens deaths.

However, this information shows something quite concerning, in that whilst C-19 deaths, remained low they did actually increase significantly after the vaccine introduction of this population.

From week 12 and week 17 in 2020, there were a grand total of 4 C-19 deaths among male teens in England and Wales. But, in the same period in 2021, there was only one death registered.

There were 2 C-19 deaths from week 18 and week 52 in 2020 but 11 in 2021, despite the vaccination being introduced to this age group.

After the C-19 vaccination, C-19 deaths increased by 450% compared to the numbers of 2020 where the vaccine wasn’t available.

From this data, we can conclude that the C-19 vaccines had a negative effect on the immune systems of male teenagers.

Check this out:

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We can see the spike in first doses applied among male teenagers from week 22 to 27 and week 31 and week 36.

Also, we can see the spike in the second dose applied to male teenagers from week 31 and 37 and from week 46 and 51.

Furthermore, we can see a spike in the third dose applied to male teenagers from week 49 to 51 and from week 49.

This is concerning because we constantly see a spike in deaths among male teenagers between week 23-30, week 39-46, and week 48-51.

C-19 vaccines aren’t meant for children, especially not as young as teenagers!

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