Major Election Fraud Exposed by a Whistleblower — Georgia Corruption Exposed

The Arizona audit has been the focus of the millions of Americans who feel Donald Trump will win the 2020 presidential election stolen from him during the last few weeks. It’s crucial to remember, though, that in many states, shady things happened on election night.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee engaged David Wilhelm to oversee the Georgia runoffs, and he worked as an absentee ballot box observer in Athens Clarke County.

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Despite the fact that he was employed to report anything suspicious, it became evident to him soon that Republican officials were not interested in finding fraud.

Wilhelm met down with our very own Stew Peters yesterday to discuss what he saw during the Georgia runoffs, and he didn’t hesitate to state that he noticed “a number of abnormalities,” while Republican officials were uninterested in Wilhelm’s charges of fraud.

People throwing in “additional ballots” were among the irregularities, as were Democrat volunteers being given keys to the voting boxes so they could “remove any ballots they want and bring them back” with “no supervision” of them.

Wilhelm claims that the city council and even the mayor were aware of the situation but did nothing to intervene.

“They’re all part of the communist regime change,” says the author. They’re aware that this proof exists, he claimed, adding that the data “was handed to the GOP party, and they’ve decided to do nothing.” It’s been an outright surrender.”

Wilhelm said that Republican officials such as Georgia Governor Brad Raffensperger (R) and former Senator David Purdue (R-GA) were aware of the information but did nothing about it. Peters reacted by promising that his team will contact each Republican Wilhelm named in an attempt to obtain answers for their inactivity.

Wilhelm believes that Georgia Democrats have the ability to rig thousands of ballots and install anybody they want in power.

He wants a complete inquiry into this so that everyone involved in the plot can be brought to justice. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen since, if true, it involves some extremely powerful people who will go to any length to keep it hidden.

“And the President would be absolutely ineffectual if he didn’t have a down-ballot full of support to enact the laws that he wants to pursue to profoundly change this country,” Peters agreed.

While Republican leaders appear to be doing nothing, Peters has stated that he will fight back.

“Right in front of our eyes, communism is overthrowing our country,” he stated. “David Wilhelm is a patriot,” says the author. That’s a fighter right there. And you have my word that this platform will be used for good. We’ll flash a giant, brilliant light into the dark corners where these insects have gotten away with their illicit conduct in the past, and you’ll be exposed.”

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