MAGA Goes Crazy When “Big” Telegram Channel Shares 2024 “Dream Team” Image

The rumors about 2024 are flying thick and heavy.

Can President Trump run for re-election? Will there even be fair elections by then?

Who will take President Trump’s place at the helm in Washington if he does not run?

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Although all of this is going on, a lot of attention has been focused on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is extremely famous.

Many believe he would be the man in charge of the America First movement’s DC chapter.

That’s not shocking, given DeSantis’ masterful handling of the COVID crisis and his ability to make Florida feel like a “free state” amid a sea of tyrannical lockdowns and Democratic failures across the country.

Florida is setting the bar on how other states can work and leading the way – and DeSantis is beefing up his political resume in preparation for a bid for the White House.

Will he, however, be at the top of the list?

That’s what people are thinking after a meme appeared on a Telegram channel dedicated to “Governor DeSantis.”

Everyone was buzzing and dancing in the streets, assuming DeSantis had posted it – but alas, this appears to be only a “fan page,” people.

Regardless, it’s a fantastic photograph.

It’s a picture of DeSantis and President Trump on Air Force One, with the caption “The Best is Yet To Come” and “Ron/Don 2024” written on it.

Isn’t it difficult to think of a ticket that could top these two?

More cheating is the only thing that could beat the ticket.

And while we’re on the topic…

The only thing we should be concerned with right now is electoral fairness. We’ll be fucked regardless of which “dream team” runs if we don’t fix what the Democrats and Republicans did.

And while we’re on the topic…

President Trump recently expressed his displeasure with the Georgia voter integrity bill. He believes it does not go far enough to address the problem.


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