Madonna Warned Us About C-19 Before It Happened! She Revealed The Freemasonry And Satanism As The Secret Planners!

Madonna warned the world about the C-19 pandemic even before it happened and shared the freemasonry and organized Satanism as the secret planners!

Even three years after the Eurovision ritualistic performance, many people discovered Madonna was dropping predictive programming about C-19, aka Corona, and connected this to freemasonry and witchcraft.

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Some of the highlights are:

  • “Like a Prayer” her witch’s snuff anthem, about a witch who gives a blowjob at midnight before the big snuffing.
  • Masonic columns
  • Masks… obvious symbolism
  • “Not everyone is coming to the future”
  • Blowing on the dancers as a symbol of ‘covid’ virus
  • Wearing a crown “corona’
  •  It seems like Madonna believes if she partakes in the sacrifice of the human race via the fake plandemic, that she will rise up as a satanic queen to the mainstream masses… she’s been working at this for a long time… it’s actually a theme woven throughout most of her career… starting with the song, ‘Lucky Star’. In recent years she’s sung “Like a Prayer” as much as possible… her blowjob theme song.
  • One of the biggest tours in recent times, is her “MDNA’ tour, which coincided with an album, and graphene oxide skincare line, all of which was about seeding the human race with graphene oxide… aka black goo… a vaccine ingredient, which alters the Masses DNA!!
  • The black hoods are masonic and satanic.
  • “The storm isn’t in the air it’s inside of us”… is basically a lyric about the vaccine!
  • ‘The wind that’s beginning to howl’ represents both breathe, and also graphene oxide that is literally raining down from the sky.
  • ‘Not everyone is coming to the future’… is a telling admission that she knows the vaccine is going to kill many people.
  • The dancers dropping off stage at the end, is symbolism of the average person who will willingly take the jab and willingly fall into their own graves… or even, the underworld.
  • Notice the stars in the freemasonic artwork? And in the concert? See the masonic columns?


Take a look at the video below on freemasonry, and you will learn the symbols, rituals, hidden rites, language, values, and the obvious links to witchcraft.

You won’t question that Madonna and many other artists are part of the C-19 conspiracy to depopulate humanity and enslave whoever comes into the future.

If you are confused now, bear in mind that Madonna told you! Why is responsible and thus who to charge with crimes against humanity and who needs to be removed from having any power and influence over society.

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