Lying About Radiation Levels: Ukrainian Government Trying To Start WWIII With NATO And U.S.

“Zelenskyy is a bad actor, literally and figuratively. He doesn’t care about Ukrainian civilians…”

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On March 3rd, numerous reports were circulating regarding the Russians launching an attack at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, which resulted in a fire and allegations of elevated radiation levels due to the attack.

While there was certainly a Russian attack at the plant leading to fire (that was later extinguished), the allegations of rising radiation levels that came from the Ukrainian government turned out to be a lie, which Chronicles Magazine editor Pedro L. Gonzalez pointed out on Twitter.

“The Ukrainian government, including Zelensky, *lied* about Russians critically damaging the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in a way that caused radiation levels to rise, which they used to justify getting US/NATO involved. The Ukrainian government is actively trying to start WWIII.”

Gonzalez isn’t alone in that shared notion, as even outlet Military Times was critical of just how quickly Western media is willing to take whatever comes from the Ukrainian government as fact.

“Ukraine, however successful it has been with sharing and having signals boosted on feel-good stories, it’s not without its share of disinformation, however. Early in the conflict, the Defense Ministry’s official Facebook page was caught sharing footage of a supposed aerial dogfight with the caption ‘MiG-29 of the Air Force of the Armed Forces destroys the ‘unparalleled’ Su-35 of the Russian occupiers’. It turned out to be from a video game called ‘Digital Combat Simulator.’”

Making reference to the Ukrainian president’s previous career in show business, Gonzalez proclaimed, “Zelenskyy is a bad actor, literally and figuratively. He doesn’t care about Ukrainian civilians and he doesn’t care about getting people killed in general. If he did, he wouldn’t lie like this and he wouldn’t let his officials lie like this.”

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