Lori Lightfoot at War With Chicago Police Department Over Vaccine Mandates

Already crime-driven, Chicago will become an even worse nightmare (if that’s even possible) under Lightfoot’s reign!

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We are constantly seeing major disobeys from the workforce, in crucial sectors of the economy, and the overall functioning of the country, especially after it has become a very clear fact that Biden’s vaccine mandate EO doesn’t actually exist.

Relevant to this, it was only logical that The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police threatened to defy Friday’s deadline for officers to report their COVID-19 vaccine status.

However, Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot doesn’t seem to be backing out from the idea!

According to The Chicago Tribune,

“Chicago Police First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter stated that the department expects all officers to get vaccinated. He added that Lightfoot’s rules state that all members of the department must report their vaccination status and undergo testing at their own time and expense if they remain unvaccinated. Carter also said that “separation” is one of the potential punishments for those who refuse to comply.

Carter and Chief of Operations Brian McDermott attempted to downplay potential staff shortages over the weekend in the wake of the mandate going into effect, assuring the press that the department will be fully staffed.”

“Anything less would be insubordination,” she added, going on to say that anyone who doesn’t show up or doesn’t report their vaccination status will eventually be moved to a no-pay status. However, this won’t happen over the weekend because it will take time to reach out to people who aren’t in compliance and verify the situation.

This comes after Chicago Fraternal Order of Police Union President John Catanzara released a video in which he called on thousands of rank-and-file members to defy Lightfoot’s vaccination reporting requirement and brace for being sent home without pay.


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