Looks Like The Plan to Get Kamala In Just Hit a Huge Snag

Database directories were missing from the voting machines sent to Maricopa County auditors three days before they were handed over.

The audit in Maricopa County used Dominion voting systems. Dominion admits to getting keys to the computers after providing it to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ auditors a few months ago.

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Is Dominion the one who removed files from the voting machines before handing them over to the Senate auditors, since Dominion is the only entity we know of who had access to the machines? This was a felony.

However, it appears that Kamala’s “installation” has hit a snag.

A significant snag.

A new YouGov poll has just been published, revealing how unpopular Kamala Harris is with the American people.

I mean Very UNCOMMON…

According to a YouGov poll conducted between May 1 and April 4, 48 percent of US adults hold a negative opinion of Harris.

In comparison, only 41% of people think she’s a good person.

Oh, no.

The following numbers were posted on Twitter by journalist Glenn Greenwald:

“It’s hard to believe that the candidate who had to drop out of the presidential race before receiving a single vote — amid massive media adoration and hailing from the country’s largest state



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