LOL AUDIO: Cuomo Flirting With A Reporter During Death Scandal

Man, Cuomo has really fallen from grace.

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From superhero to a national disgrace…

In today’s article, we’re presenting you exclusive audio, on which you can hear cold-blooded Cuomo, flirting with a reporter, despite the death tragedy that took the lives of nearly 18.000 American citizens – New Yorkers to be more exact, have already died from the COVID 19 virus that stroke suddenly…


This man is going straight down. With such a RAPID tempo…

You can hear on this audio that during this Interview that happened in April last year – when the COVID 19 strikes from the clear sky, that Andrew doesn’t really care about the situation this world and his country is in – he just cares to make a move on the young reporter! Laughing and gaggling, he introduces himself as an “eligible bachelor.” OMG!

Here are some of the comments regarding this material on social networks…


  • “Another 306 coronavirus fatalities bring New York’s death toll to 18,321, but Cuomo says hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and new infections continue to decline.”


  • “Statewide we’ll need 6,400 – 17,000 tracers, depending on projected cases.”


  •  “Cuomo says the state will draw tracers from the state, city and county health departments and other employees.”

Doesn’t seem like the most inappropriate behavior while your country is being stroked by a deadly virus ?!

Shocking! Americans have the ability to see who he really is finally!

And stop patronizing him!


Ava Garcia

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