Lockstep C-19 Protocols – Patient Isolation By Hospitals

Many attorneys, med doctors, and family members of C-19 victims were described and shared recordings of what the Truth for Health Foundation calls “horrific hospital violations of human rights,” among them is the denial of intravenous fluids to patients, the family can’t see the patients, and the hospital won’t treat the patient with drugs like Ivermectin.

“Prisoners in America’s jails do have more rights right now than COVID patients in America’s hospitals—it’s unheard of,” Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, president, and chief executive of the foundation, stated on October 27, 2021. The website noted that the mission of the physician-founded charity foundation is “to provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting-edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life, and longevity.”

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“‘I’m doing my job’ has never been a defense to crimes against humanity,” said Ali Shultz stated. Ali Schultz is the legal director for America’s Frontline Doctors, and her mother-in-law died of C-19 and whose father-in-law suffered severe harm as a C-19 patient.

Shultz stated that despite her med power of attorney, she couldn’t learn the basic information about the status of her father-in-law during his time in the hospital.

“I tried everything,” Shultz said. “I wrote every letter possible. I sent every email possible to advocate for them. I was literally carried out in handcuffs under the color of law. I was assaulted under the color of the law. I was deprived of access to their health records, I was deprived of access to them, and I was lied to. But that’s absolutely nothing compared to what happened to Chuck.”

Shultz stated that the Mayo Clinic didn’t allow Chuck to dehydrate for six days, “except one bag of D5 [dextrose 5 percent] water.”

She added that the clinic secretly experimented on Chuck with the repurposed rheumatoid arthritis drug bariccitinib. Schultz stated that they secluded him for over three weeks more than the AZ Department of Public Health and the CDC suggested.

She shared the recording of a person who says he is a hospital administration. It was legal because AZ is a one-party consent state for recordings. The admin stated that the choice to deprive Chuck of food and water was standard care in the hospital.

“Yes, of course, we don’t want him to aspirate, but maybe he could get some IV hydration—something at all—or, I don’t know, just an assessment?” Shultz asked.

“As far as visitation in our hospital, we are not going to allow you to visit him in our hospital as long as he is here.”

Another recording was for the meetings where the hospital executives concluded that infected patients wouldn’t get visitors.

“They’re meeting, and they’re all deciding on this together. So either this is becoming the standard of care, or this is the same modus operandi, which actually criminally makes it easier to prove,” Shultz commented after the recording.’

She suggested the C-19 patients not be secluded.

“Get in there—it is in the Patient Bill of Rights,” Shultz said. “Just because they’re using the word ‘isolation’ doesn’t mean it makes it any better what they’re doing.”

“When an American is isolated from others, what is this considered? Unlawful imprisonment—torture.”

Having a document she called the police report on the Mayo Clinics, included felony charges of vulnerable adult abuse, Shultz emphasized that prosecutors had the discretion to decide whether doctors need to be charged.
Also, she added a template for a private criminal complaint that individuals can file online.

Dr. Bryan Ardis was another speaker in the press, and he described the hazards of remdesivir and an unprecedented climate of fear for medical doctors.

“Now they are punishing those who want to practice medicine, and they are continuing to reward and allow doctors to maintain their licenses to practice in hospitals if they just follow the mandated protocol,” he said.
Ardis emphasized that a randomized, controlled trial of remdesivir and other Ebola medicaments shared in the New England Journal of Medicine showed the side effects of remdesivir.

He stated that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services bribed hospitals to select remdesivier with a 20% award. CMS refers to a ‘’20% add-on payment’’ for claims coding for C-19 and treatment with ramdesivir.

In an interview with Vlied, another speaker claiming to be Mary Ann discussed her Marine Corps veteran father’s deterioration and death at a Bozeman, Montana hospital.

“There’s something about when you’re able to be with your loved one and talk to them and hold their hand, there’s something extremely powerful in that—and there’s a reason they don’t want us in the hospital,” Mary Ann said. “They want us apart from each other.”

Thomas Renz, a legal counsel for the foundation, shared “the most shocking statistic I have seen probably since this has started”: In Texas, 84.8% of the mechanically ventilated people for 96 consecutive hours died in Texas.

“It’s a death sentence,” Renz said.

Violet ended the press by recommending that patients need early treatment rather than waiting for the symptoms to worsen.

“You have the right to refuse treatment, and you have the right to request treatment. You have the right to have an advocate when you are in the hospital. When those rights are denied, your civil rights, human rights, and constitutional rights are being overridden—and you will need an advocate,” she concluded.

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