Liz Cheney Will Run For President In 2024???

In her latest video on “This Week” on Sunday, Representative Liz Cheney admits that her father suggested her running for President in the upcoming Presidential election.

“Jim Jordan talking about a possible Trump 2024 run said, ‘There’s no way he is losing. He’s going to win the Republican primary, and he’s going to be President if he decides to run,'” Jon Karl, the host of “This Week,” said. “Now, based on today’s facts, he’s right, isn’t he, about the primary part, at least? I mean, there’s nobody, there’s not even a close second out there, is there?”

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“I think Jim’s wrong. It’s not the first time Jim has been wrong, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time, but he is wrong,” Liz Cheney answered. “I think there are millions and millions of Republicans who won’t let that happen again.”

“What will it take for you to run for president?” again Karl asked. But, Cheney said that she had directed her attention towards the re-election in Wyoming.

“I understand, of course, you are, and you very much need to be, but what would it take for you to run for president?” the host asked. “I heard you on the radio in New Hampshire, so it’s not too far out of your mind.”

“I think it’s really important that we as Republicans be in a position where we can present to our voters, to my voters in Wyoming and our voters across the country, a set of issues and policies that reflect conservative principles, but also hope and opportunity, and inspiration,” Cheney answered.

Then, Karl asked her if her father would like to see her running for President, which Chaney answered affirmatively. Also, she added that he’s not objective.

Once the interview was over, anchor Martha Raddatz questioned the seriousness of Cheney’s answer that she would run for President.

“It sure sounds that way to me, Martha. I mean, first of all, she was joking a bit about her father, but her father is her most important political adviser, and she told me that he does want her to run,” Karl responded. “Look, she believes that Donald Trump poses a threat not just to the Republican Party but to the country. She needs a platform to be able to make that case. A run for President is such a platform.”

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