Liz Cheney About to Get Kicked Out, But Insider Says Kevin McCarthy is Next

Kevin McCarthy is an embarrassment.

He isn’t in charge of something. He caved when he had the opportunity to get rid of snake Liz Cheney by robbing her of her leadership. McCarthy is a coward who lacks the courage to stand up to the left.

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In reality, just a few weeks ago, he, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger issued statements claiming that everyone who believes in “America First” is racist. He used liberal talking points against the vast majority of his supporters.

He has to leave…

McCarthy will resign in 2022, according to Trump supporter Mark Meadows.

Team Trump is confident that the Republicans will retake the House (we must ensure that all voting is free, and yes, I believe we will), and Meadows has told everyone that McCarthy will not be the Speaker…

McCarthy will not be the minority leader even though we do not retake the House.

Meadows claims that the Freedom Caucus, which is firmly behind Trump, will choose the next president.

That’s great.

Meadows told supporters at the House Freedom Fund reception and dinner on April 24 at the president’s Palm Beach, Florida resort club Mar-A-Lago why they didn’t have to worry about House Minority Leader Kevin O. McCarthy (R-CA-23) taking the gavel in the next session of Congress, according to the Georgia Star News.

“The House Freedom Caucus, when he returned to his seat after his remarks at a fundraiser for the House Freedom Fund’s political action committee–according to a political operative who attended the event and heard the comment firsthand.

Jordan introduced the president, who was greeted with cheers and cheering from the packed ballroom, which included several people waving small American flags.

He believes that unless the issues that affected the 2020 presidential election are addressed first, the Republican Party and conservatives will never have a fair shot in 2022 or 2024.

“There was a lot of cheating,” Trump admitted. “This is egregious theft, and we will not let them get away with it.”

The president said that he has been advised to drop 2020. “They say, ‘Sir, you’ll get ’em next time,’” I say.



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