Live Bats and Humanized Mice Kept Inside A Wuhan Lab To Test Which Coronavirus Could Infect Humans

“There is a commonly held conspiracy idea about this. This post describes projects on which I’m the lead and labs with which I’ve worked over the past 15 years. They don’t contain any live or dead bats.

There is no indication that this occurred anywhere. It’s a mistake that I hope will be rectified.” Tweet by Peter Daszak.

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“Well, tonight, shocking videotape from inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology revealed that his (Peter Daszak) theories are incorrect. It is not a hoax to claim that live bats were present at the facility. It is a proven fact. This video, as you can see, depicts bats in a cage at the Wuhan Institute. A researcher can also be seen feeding a worm to a bat. Researchers are out capturing bats in this shot, and a bat even clings off a researcher’s helmet. There are mouse cages in another photograph. There were hundreds of them. Humanized mice were used in tests at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to investigate which coronaviruses could infect people.

They used humanized mice in several tests to make viruses that could not previously infect humans infect humans. Gain of function experiments intended to make viruses more contagious and virulent in order to forecast which viruses would produce a pandemic. If this footage had been released earlier in the year, it could have changed the entire story surrounding COVID-19’s possible origin. We were told at the time that there were no bats in the facility, but that diseased bats were sold and killed at the wet market. You may recall that this prompted Presidents and Prime Ministers around the world to call for the closure of wet markets.

And videos of Chinese people eating bat soup went viral. The movies were rubbish, and bats were never sold at the Wuhan wet market. Daszak must have learned that his public claims from December 2020, in which he claimed there were bats in the Wuhan facility, were incorrect. — Sky News’ Sharri Markson

“We didn’t inquire as to whether or not they had bats. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were attempting to establish a bat colony, as many other virology labs have done. It’s happening in labs here and in other countries, as far as I’m aware.” Tweet – Peter Daszak


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