LISTEN TO THIS: College Instructor Promotes Book With Section on “Murdering Whites”

The country’s divide is at an all-time high, and Biden and his “race-baiting” administration are just exacerbating it.

Of course, our government-controlled propaganda media isn’t helping matters; in fact, they’re contributing to the flames.

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Now, an author and Barnard college professor named Ben Philippe is ratcheting things up a notch with his attempt to “murder whites” in the upcoming race wars, which he claims are on the way.

Philippe appeared on the CBC’s “Q” radio show to discuss his novel, “Ok, I’ll Be Your Black Friend,” in which he mentions “detonating” a “bomb” with a deadly gas on white people in a section of the book about the potential “race war.” Of course, this man insists that he is not a “violent guy” and that “white people” are his favorites.

Yes, Sir, I’m sure you do – Ted Bundy, after all, was a humanitarian at heart.

According to The Post Millennial, the CBC invited an author who wrote about “detonating” white people to be interviewed on their flagship arts program when “the exits are locked and the air vents [are] packed with gas.”

The CBC host then revealed that she was Jewish, but apologised to the author for making him feel this way because of his life experiences.
Ben Philippe made an appearance on Q to talk about his new book and racial problems in North America.

An excerpt from his book was read during this program, in which he considered what he would do in a race war.

“When this race war reaches a climax. Under the guise of unity, I’ll gather you all in a beautifully decorated bed. While the detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked and the air vents are filled with gas, I’ll give a speech to civility and all the good times we’ve shared; I’ll smile as we lift glasses to your good, white health, while the detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked and the air vents are filled with gas.”

“I know, that’s…,” she said after the host read this passage aloud. I’m Jewish, and my ancestors were survivors of the Holocaust. I can’t tell you how it made me feel to read that sentiment, and I wanted to apologize for making you feel that way about the world.”

What’s even scarier is that the show on which this aggressive and sexist loon appeared is the highest-rated show in its time slot in CBC history, with a reputation for attracting a younger audience.


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