Lindsey Graham Quetily Backstabbing Everyone, Becoming Biden’s Next “Go-To Guy”

A political backstabbing wizard, a plot-twister – a magician when it comes to spreading lies with a smile on his face. That’s Lindsey Graham!

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After all, he tried (and failed) to take Trump on during the primary, so when President Trump won, Lindsey had two choices – he could destroy his career by fighting President Trump every step of the way, or he could change gears and pretend to support the America First movement and become a “star.”

But he did much of a talking – and none of a doing.

And this twisting eye-twirling Cameleon is on playing “the twist” once more after President Trump is out of office.

According to the report published by The Hill,

“Lindsey Graham is quietly emerging as the most frequent supporter of Biden’s judicial nominees.

“He believes presidents who win the election get to appoint judges, subject obviously to extreme cases, and I think he’s following through on it,” said Russell Wheeler, a fellow with the Brookings Institution who studies judicial confirmations.

Graham has touted his willingness to support a president’s judicial nominees even if he doesn’t agree with their philosophy, noting he was one of nine GOP senators who voted for Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination in 2009 and one of five who supported Elena Kagan a year later.”

“Senator Graham has long believed that under the Constitution the president has the right to select judges of their choosing and as long as they are qualified, they should generally be confirmed by the Senate,” Graham’s office said in a statement. “This is the traditional and customary role of the Senate in the judicial confirmation process.”

Wheeler described Graham’s position as “the old-fashioned view” that used to be more widespread in the Senate.

“The assumption always used to be that when our person is in the White House, we’ll expect the same deference from senators of the other party. That’s all out the window now. It’s now, you know, dog eat dog,” he said.

And Graham’s position of “Biden’s go-to guy” isn’t sitting well with many senators, as they all see what’s going on right before their nose.

People like Josh Hawley, who have voted NO on all Biden’s nominees, and Tom Cotton, who’s only voted YES on two, aren’t impressed with Lindsey’s change of heart.

What a traitorous move – he shouldn’t;t be allowed to continue to sit on the Judiciary Committee!

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