Lindsey Graham Gets Attacked Due To His Answer On Systemic Racism

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina enraged Democrats with a recent interview in which he opined on institutional injustice in the United States.

Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday asked the senator if he believes the country is rife with institutional racism.

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“I don’t think so, in my opinion. We recently elected a two-term African-American president, with an African-American and Indian vice president. As a result, our programs are not racist,” the senator said, according to The New York Post.

“The United States of America is not a racist nation. There are bad actors in every society. He said, “The Chauvin trial resulted in a just result.”

He slammed “this assault on cops and policing,” saying that Democrats “suggest officers are criminals.”

“America is still evolving, but it is the greatest place on the planet. Joe Biden, on the other hand, spent a lot of time tearing the house down. Graham expressed his desire for him to stop.

Graham was responding to Joe Biden’s statement that structural racism is “a stain on our nation’s soul — the knee on the neck of justice for black Americans — deep fear and trauma, the suffering, and the fatigue that black and brown Americans face every single day.”

Graham expressed optimism that a settlement on police reform can be achieved, but the Democrats’ insistence on eliminating eligible immunity may be a stumbling block.

“Qualified immunity is extremely important. Make sure any cop can be prosecuted when they leave the house if you want to kill policing in America,” Graham said.

“So there is a way to find qualified immunity reform, and that is to exclude the cop from the equation. If there is a claim of civil or human rights violations, you can sue the agency rather than the officer.

“We can fix the problem if there is a desire to get there, which I believe all parties have right now,” he said.

Leftists on Twitter pounced on the senator, claiming that racism is everywhere.

“Lindsey Graham claims that since Barack Obama and Kamala Harris were elected, there is no prejudice in America. He’s also said that if POC acted like white Republican men, they wouldn’t have any issues. However, hearing him through the white hood can be difficult at times,” Paul Rudnick explained.

Of note, Graham did not deny the existence of bigotry. He denied the existence of institutional oppression, and he never said that people of color should behave like Republican men, as if no POC are Republican men. Someone should put him in touch with Senator Tim Scott and a slew of others.

The Democratic Coalition said, “FACT: Racists are typically the last people to believe racism exists.”


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