Lindsey Finally Realized Who’s The “Propaganda Artist” Jen Psaki Reminds Him Of

When anyone says something simple, you think to yourself, “How didn’t I think of that?”

This is one of those instances.

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Lindsey Graham addressed Biden’s border tragedy during a recent Fox News interview with Trump hater Chris Wallace, and while doing so, he described how Jen Psaki reminds him of a well-known propaganda artist…

and he got it exactly right.

When Jen Psaki speaks about the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border, Lindsey says she sounds like “Baghdad Bob.”

Wow, that was incredible. Is it possible that he hit the nail on the head with that observation?

The entire Biden administration has Baghdad Bob’s “nothing to see here…move along” mentality.

Remember when Baghdad Bob would look into the camera and say, “There are no Americans in Baghdad,” as US tanks rolled in behind him?

This is the same passion that the Biden administration is exuding when it comes to the border crisis – and pretty much everything else.

Jen goes into “Baghdad Bob” mode when she doesn’t want to answer a question and bakes cookies for the news.

This is classic government propaganda, which our media excels at, even surpassing dictatorships like North Korea and China.

We all know why this nightmare has unfolded at the border: Biden stood on a stage during the Democratic primary and lifted his weak arm and promised to give illegal aliens “free healthcare.”

It’s not an enigma.

And that disgusting moment, combined with President Trump’s wildly popular “Stay in Mexico” policy being ended, has resulted in mass confusion and a humanitarian disaster at the US border, which “Baghdad Jen” can spin all she wants, but we can see with our own eyes.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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