Lindell: Ronna McDaniel Sabotaged Supreme Court Case, And SHE HAS TO GO!

Of course, people have never trusted Ronna because she’s a Romney! Many of you didn’t know that.

See this:

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Her uncle is Mitt Romney, and that’s why we don’t trust her.

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She supported Trump with her words, and later, she would have stabbed him in the back. Now, Lindell is angry because she worked so hard to kill his Supreme Court Case.

Wendy Rogers tweeted:

Check this out:

And this:

Resist the Mainstream reported that Lidenll’s 82-page complaint was given to many state attorneys general, and no one wanted to join the litigation. “We are in unchartered territory as a Nation,” begins Lindell’s proposed complaint. “The November 2020 election was stolen.”

Ron Filipkowski is a Twitter user describing himself as a General Counsel for the Woke Mob. He shared one video of Lindell on Bannon’s podcast. In the Real America’s Voice stream, Lindell said that the RNC chair Ronna McDaniel was guilty for the unwillingness of any state attorney general to join his legal action.

“How dare the RNC try and stop this case from getting to the Supreme Court?” asked an incensed Lindell.

“Shame on you, RNC! You are worse than Fox now.”

Lindell found it disturbing that some AG said no to his lawsuit for what he termed no reason.

“You know a lot of things are happening out there that are very suspicious,” said Lindell, adding, “[A]lmost trying to slow these guys down.”

The pillow manufacturer likened nailing down support for his lawsuit to herding cats. “You have different ones at different levels,” he said. “I do have some, a couple, [whom] I don’t want to announce right now, that said straight-up, ‘[W]e’re not going to do it.’”

“What else would it be?” he said. “I don’t get it.”

“It followed that unimpeachable logic with a 50-page recitation of every half-baked conspiracy about election fraud and rejected argument we’ve seen in dozens of doomed suits for the past year,” said Dye. “Mail-in ballots are illegal; electronic voting is illegal, Dominion switched the votes, China hacked the ballots, blah blah blah.”

She further noted that Lidenll’s suit was very similar to the one from a Texas AG, Ken Paxton. She tossed it too because the court said Paxton lacked standing to bring the action.

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