Liberals Believe: Cuomo’s ‘’Takedown’’ Is A Piece Of His Secret Plan To Beat The SDNY!

Cuomo’s ‘’Trump Plot’’ is a complex and devilish plot!

Chip Franklin is a talk-show host who thinks he revealed Cuomo’s plan.
Many people think that Cuomo follows a strictly organized plan that involves President Trump.

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This is just ordinary liberalism.

The liberals cannot blame themselves for what they did, and they cannot blame the so-called leaders for the mistakes they committed.
These people cannot accept that Cuomo is a perverted killing machine, so they blame Trump.

The popular liberal theory is that Trump and his sympathizers are working undercover to eliminate Governor Cuomo and place the Republican governor to ‘pardon’’ Trump for his crimes.

Below you can see what Chip said:

Numerous people actually believe in this story.

Below you can look at the comments that people left regarding this conspiracy theory.

  • “Yes, they already have a person from Long Island, Rep Lee Zeldin. They want to run against him. Saying again, let the due process happen because the GOP is really pushing for Cuomo to resign before an investigation- something smell odd.”
  • “Welcome to the revelation. A lot of us have been here for a while! hahaha”
  • “Yes, that was brought up this morning on The View. A valid theory. A valid concern.”
  • “His daily briefings during COVID really made the other guy look bad. Cuomo took a shot at the King & he missed. I shudder to think what would have happened had he won in Nov.”
  • “Oh, I am sure that is behind this. Trump also hates the way Cuomo stepped up and informed his citizens on the state of the virus, it was what a leader did, and Trump resented it. Think there may be an old feud there too!”

It can’t be happening!

It is so funny to see how all these people believe that ‘’Trump’s a dummy’’.

If Cuomo is eliminated, not a single Republican will sit on his ‘’throne’’. Probably a Democrat will come to his place!

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