“LET ME FINISH!” Shouting Match – Look What It Was Over

Matt Schlapp, the president of the American Conservative Union, got into a heated debate with Chris Hahn, the insufferable Fox News liberal, about voter ID laws that, if enforced nationally in November, would keep Joe Biden in his Delaware basement.

The Daily Caller reported that during an appearance on “The Faulkner Focus,” both addressed the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which ended on Sunday in Orlando, Fla., as well as the forthcoming 2022 midterm elections with guest host Martha MacCallum.

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But the argument quickly exploded into shouts and accusations about whether it is appropriate to check a voter’s identity (which is a ludicrous concept to argue about — of course it is; even third-world and developing nations, as well as most European countries, require IDs to vote, and none of them claim it is “racist” or “bigoted” to do so).

And Hahn set the tone with a series of outright lies, all of which are obviously intended to enrage his critics and feed red meat to his left-wing base.

“Look, it’s redistricting season, and Republicans are going to do everything they can to gerrymander the seats they need,” Hahn said.

“Ideas aren’t going to help them win. They aren’t going to win and they’ve done something worthwhile. They won’t win because they’ll be campaigning on Trump’s failed track record. They’ll win because of partisan gerrymandering, and that’s all there is to it.”

MacCallum chimed in, saying that there was a “fair amount” of policy debate at CPAC, and that 2022 would be “a battle over policy… a battle over concepts,” rather than redistricting.

“Gerrymandering is what majorities of both parties do to try to increase the number of seats in the Chamber. Schlapp argued that it is incorporated into the Constitution.

“All Matt wishes is for less people to vote, as do all conservatives. Since Republicans with no proposals do not succeed when a large number of people vote. As a consequence, H.R. 1 must pass. The John Lewis Voting Rights Act has the same effect… If the Senate wants to do so, they can do so without the filibuster,” Hahn said.

MacCallum replied by saying that voting verification is “probably the most important thing in the 2022 elections” (at least according to Republicans), and that both parties should support it.

Hahn interjected, “It’s not a real problem.” “Study after study after study has been conducted. Nobody is pretending to vote. That’s what conservatives mean when they complain about losing.”


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