Lemon Bashes President Trump – He Exposed The Country As A Racist?!

Don Lemon, the popular host of the TV Show “The View” broadcasted on CNN just bashed out President Trump on a major scale, claiming horrible things!

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I wonder how “he came up” with such offenses, and right on live national TV?

He’s part of the Big Left’s now…

Lemon claimed that during Trump’s ruling over the U.S.A, he apparently exposed our country to the international community as a “racist country”!

Let me ask you one thing – is loving your country first making you a racist for not loving other countries as much, or even more than your own?!

Here’s his interview statement:

“You write something that might surprise some people, ‘In 2016 Donald Trump was exactly the president we deserved and probably the president needed.’ Maybe the beginning is true,” co-host Joy Behar said. “I don’t know about needed. Why do you say that.”

“I said it burns my tongue, I think that’s what I wrote,” Lemon responded. “Donald Trump was a symptom, as we’ve been saying. Racism and this sort of wackiness has been around forever.”

“Donald Trump was a symptom,” he added. ” I think he was— he was the— I said the perseverating ulcer or tumor that drove us into the oncologist’s office so we can have the problem diagnosed and excised.”

“I’m glad Donald Trump is behind us,” Lemon continued. “Listen, if you believe in policy and politics, I’m not a political person — there wasn’t much about policy that Donald Trump said or did or believed in or accomplished. Mostly what he did do is served to divide the country.”

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