Legendary SLAM: Kayleigh McEnany on Jen Psaki

Another White House administration debacle stunned the country today. Biden and his aides have yet to hold a press conference after nearly two months in office. Obviously, Biden and his government are anti-transparency.

Of course, Biden has Jen Psaki on his side, who is actively defending his image in front of the media. That is a difficult task, given how difficult it is for Biden to give even a single speech without reading.

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The White House administration’s approach irritates me and raises a slew of questions. Kayleigh McEnany ridiculed Psaki and the White House administration on FOX & Friends as a real expert. The subject was Biden’s infamous brawl with Texas Governor Greg Abbott. POTUS sparked outrage when he called Abbott’s decision to remove the mask mandate “neanderthal thought.” Also, the White House and the mass media’s treatment of the country—total silence!

McEnany clarified why these matters are sensitive and how important it is for the President’s actions to be transparent. She also made a comparison between her time in the oval office and the current White House administration.

“Unlike other press secretaries who may not have had walk-in privileges to the Oval [Office], I could walk in whenever I wanted… I would head into each press conference with a list of questions I expected the press to ask and go through them one by one. McEnany concluded, “I still knew where his head was at, so I didn’t have to do a lot of circling back because President Trump gave me a lot of access.”

“We spoke about the importance of bringing truth and accountability back to the briefingroom when the president asked me to serve in this role,” she added.

Jen Psaki seems to have sparked the rage. She misjudged both the citizens of this country and all journalists, who simply need accountability in order to operate in a normal setting. Psaki’s “circle-backing” is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shut down all debates and avoid answering any of the nation’s pressing questions. However, incompetence can create new problems on a national and international level.

On so many ways, the contradictions between Trump’s and Biden’s administrations are startling. Biden and Psaki must find a way to be transparent, otherwise Biden’s unfavorable ratings would skyrocket.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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