LeBron James COVID Positive: But This Tweet of His Got Many Wondering!

After a lot of hesitation, and probably a lot of pressure, LeBron James finally accepted to get vaccinated. And now, “The /king” is already sitting on the reserve bench!


Because he tested positive for COVID!

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“LeBron James raised eyebrows with a tweet suggesting that something “fishy” is going on as the Los Angeles Lakers star sits out upcoming games due to the NBA’s COVID-19 health protocols,” BizPacReview reported.

“The fully vaccinated NBA player has been sidelined due to COVID-19 test results though the team has not revealed that James has a positive diagnosis. The 36-year-old missed Tuesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings while following the NBA mandate of a minimum of 10 days of isolation away from his team following several tests for the virus.”

Here’s his statement from late September.

“I know that I was very skeptical about it all, but after doing my research and things of that nature, I felt like it was best suited, not only for me but for my family and my friends. And that’s why I decided to do it.”

This fishy tweet got people wondering and guessing what he really meant.

“LeBron coming out as a covid vaccine skeptic and he and I becoming buddies because of this is the plot twist the Internet needs,””

“Starting to ask questions? That is how it starts”

LeBron, my daughter suddenly got Covid and passed away 30 days later of a horrible death, oh, by the way she was a black female who took the Johnson/Johnson shot and still died.”

“Forcing healthy people to have something they don’t need is now considered reasonable behavior.”

“it’s about time you wake up and smell the coffee – we have been lied to and manipulated”

“You mean the fact that you are healthy and strong, and vaccinated and still have to sit out 10 days?? That makes absolutely no sense at all”

“Still would like to know why the vaccine is mandatory if it’s not preventing anything just lessening symptoms? Most people already have mild symptoms”

“everythings been real fishy since Nov 2020”

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