Leaked Video Online Debunks Insurrection Story! January 6 FALSE FLAG?

The story about January 6 is still a mystery! Dems say it was an insurrection aimed at overthrowing the government of the USA. But, the Republicans say it was the calmest protest that had some unruly participants!

One thing is for sure, no matter what you believe in, the government doesn’t want to share the 14,000 hours video. Why?

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If everything was as the Dems say, then we, the ordinary people, don’t deserve to see the rest of the footage? Or, they know what has happened, but the public shouldn’t see this.

See below:

We aren’t judging anyone, and we don’t say January 6 was a false flag occurrence. But, we report what we have seen and what it is the right thing to do. So, the government has to share the 14,000 hours long footage. The public deserves to know what has happened.

As the videos continue to appear, people are changing the narrative! We deserve to know the truth.

Watch the video below:

You have to trust only in what you see. The crowd is peaceful, but in the opposite building, at 1:15 pm, the police started throwing and spraying chemicals at them. Six minutes after the first video, the crowd started singing USA USA USA!

However, the crowd was so peaceful, and it didn’t look like an insurrection or riot.

Watch the video on Rumble.

Now, we have only two videos from 1:11 pm and 1:17 pm, and in both of the videos, the crowd is calm.

The Becker News reported, ‘’At 1:19 pm, there is a video of police training pepper ball guns and stun grenade launchers on the protesters. You can hear demonstrators shouting, “Peaceful protest!” repeatedly.’’

The keyword is ‘’peaceful’’ protest.

Watch the video below:

And now, the video from 1:24, watch it on Rumble:

Is this a riot/insurrection?

Well, no, because the crowd is restrained. Yes, people are upset, but because of the situation, they are in.

However, here, the situation is controlled. That is metaphorically said.

I guess that it is the police the one that started the violence, so the protest turned out to be a riot.

Once again, we will repeat that there wasn’t any violence, but the police threw a grenade over the crown, so the violence started.

Watch the following video.

Still, we have another evidence, another video. This time the video is from 1:25 but another angle. You can see the BLM supporters starting the violence.

Everything is documented on the Rumble video.

The Becker News covered this story:

“They’re shooting into their own people,” she laments. “We’re supposed to be supporting Blue Lives Matter. We represent Blue Lives and this is what they do to us!”

“When Black Lives Matter say Blue Lives don’t, we say you do,” she shouted. “And this is what you do?”

While the videos do not capture the entire picture of the events of January 6th, they certainly add a more nuanced view of how the riots appear to have escalated. It can certainly be argued that if the police had fired indiscriminately into a Black Lives Matter protest, the media would not have been surprised if that protest had escalated into a riot.

But since the American media has nothing but antipathy for Trump supporters, it routinely fails to scrutinize the complicated dynamics of the January 6th event, as well as the roles of extremists, agitators and FBI informants in turning the political protest into something much darker.

It is the five-minute camera that we have never seen before and the proof that it wasn’t an insurrection until the police started the violence.

What more we will see in the 14,000 hours long video and what we will discover, the time will show.

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