Leaked Email Exposed That The FDA Pressured Google To Censor Problematic YouTube Video On Monoclonal Antibody Drug For COVID!

The US FDA’s shameless attempt to censor medical data about alternative treatments to C-19 has been revealed.

One email shared to Alex Berenson as part of an unrelated FOIA request exposed that the FDA pressured Google to delete one YouTube video that explained the new monoclonal antibody treatment for C-19.

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The email is from April 30, 2021, and it was sent to Jan Fowler Antonatos, a lobbyist for Google, YouTube’s parent company. It was sent by one FDA director of social media, Brad Kimberly.

There was a three-minute video about the medication leronlimab, saying it was very problematic.

On the same day, the video was shared, and Kimberly asked YouTube to pull the video down.

“I just wanted to flag a video that we believe is misleading when it comes to COVID-19.

Overall, the video is very problematic when it comes to COVID misinformation. This video should be pulled.”

This is the email.

“Good afternoon…I just wanted to flag a video that we believe is misleading when it comes to COVID-19. I submitted a report through YouTube proper, but I’m flagging your attention as well. 

This video is misleading. The drug identified has not been identified by the US FDA as safe and effective against COVID-19 and is not authorized or approved for such use. It also conflates the Filipino FDA and US FDA by misusing the USFDA logo and implying that it is planning to evaluate the drug for an EUA, which isn’t true. Overall, the video is very problematic when it comes to COVID misinformation. Combined with the unauthorized use of intellectual property, this video should be pulled.

Brad Kimberly 

Director, Social Media [FDA]”

YouTube left the video available on the platform, despite the request. They reviewed the video and realized that they didn’t violate the guidelines, and because of that, it wasn’t removed from the platform.

Alex Berenson said that the video remained because it didn’t say to be the cure for C-19 but instead only touted the potential benefits and even said that the FDA has to become fully approved as part of a treatment plan for the virus.

How could that be misinformation? YouTube decided to keep the video, even though they are censoring everything.

The Federalist reported:

“The video is now listed as private. Its poster Ryan Joseph told The Federalist that was his decision, explaining that he did “not wish to attract negative attention towards leronlimab due to Alex Berenson’s article.”

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to The Federalist that the decision was Joseph’s, although the video can be seen as an archived webpage.”

We have to emphasize that Berenson’s original article says that the video has disappeared, and the only place where we can watch it is here.

Something is wrong here.

The most concerning thing is that Berenson said that he filed a separate FOIA request for all records of “communications between any FDA officials to executives, managers, or other employees at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube regarding COVID and Sars-Cov-2,” including specifically any “anti-misinformation” enforcement efforts.”

The FDA ignores FOIA laws and choose not to give specific documents? If this is so, Congress has to investigate everything immediately.

The email is the last time Biden has pressured social media platforms to remove something that he considers misinformation. But, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confessed that officials were habitually “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”

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