LEAKED AUDIO: Biden Threatened Ex-Ukraine Poroshenko With Assassination!

Joe Biden has a tempter!

He’s famous for yelling at his handlers, demean them, and he’s been accused of creating a low-morale environment in the West Wing. So, it isn’t a surprise if we hear that he threaten someone.

Biden is the person who said that he’d like to beat up Trump outside a high school gymnasium.

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The president of the US is the person who is threatening Supreme Court justices.

But, this time, Joe Biden threatened a person with assassination!



InfoWars reported:

Leaked audio from 2016 shows then-Vice President Joe Biden threatening former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko with assassination should he cooperate with the incoming Trump administration.

A One America News Network (OAN) report of a phone call recorded on November 16, 2016 – two weeks after Donald Trump’s shock electoral victory against Hillary Clinton – revealing Biden’s voice warning Poroshenko about working with Trump began circulating social media on Wednesday.

“This is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen. I don’t want Trump to get in a position where he thinks he’s about to buy onto a policy where the financial system is going to collapse and he’s going to be looked to pour more money into Ukraine,” Biden told the former Ukraine president.

“That’s how he’ll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know the detail.”

“So, anything you can do to push the PrivatBank to closure so that the IMF loans comes forward, I would respectfully suggest is critically important to your economic as well as physical security,” Biden warned Poroshenko.

OAN summarized the phone call: “In other words, Biden does not want Ukraine asking any more money from Trump. Doing so would cause Trump to look into the details.”

The disturbing phone call begs the question: What exactly about Ukraine was Biden so afraid of Trump finding out about?

Everyone knows what would have happened if Trump spoke to someone like that!

Congress would impeach him, and the MSM will make headlines.

But, now, with Biden, no one is doing anything.

The Guardian reported:

Hunter Biden confirmed that he was under federal investigation over a tax matter in December 2020, days after his father was elected president. Attorney general Bill Barr said he had “not seen a reason” to appoint a special counsel to oversee investigations, which include an investigation by a federal securities fraud unit in New York and another in Pennsylvania.

Biden has not been charged with any crime, and David Weiss, US attorney for Delaware who oversees the inquiry, is regarded as a straight-shooter unlikely to be swayed by political pressure. He was appointed by Trump on the recommendation of the state’s two Democratic senators and has not been replaced by Joe Biden.

Weiss, according to Politico, avoided taking any decisions that would alert the public to the existence of the inquiry before the 2020 presidential election – and a repeat of the FBI’s Hillary Clinton missing emails investigation, which may have influenced the outcome of the 2016 contest.

But the larger question – beyond whether Hunter Biden correctly met tax obligations during a period in which, by his own telling, he was being paid $50,000 a month by Ukrainian firm Burisma – are Biden’s financial ties to foreign figures and businesses while his father served as Barack Obama’s No 2.

Under US statutes, all persons acting politically or quasi-politically on behalf of foreign entities in the US must properly disclose their activities.

In addition to Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukraine through the gas company Burisma, he has sat on the boards of BHR Partners, a private investment fund backed by a number of Chinese state entities; a hedge fund, Paradigm; a consultancy, Seneca Global Advisors; and the fundraising firm Rosemont Seneca.

Republicans, including the senior Iowa senator Chuck Grassley, have called on the justice department to evaluate whether Hunter or Joe Biden’s brother James Biden should have registered as foreign agents over their business arrangements with the Chinese government-backed energy company CEFC.

The Guardian Infowars Twitter

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