Lawyers From The White House Worried Kamala Harris’s Niece Could Possibly Be “Hunter Biden 2.0”

Well, well, well, it looks like the Harris clan is as scheming as the Bidens are, and as money-grubbing.

The niece of Kamala Harris is doing her utmost to cash in on the newly carved role of her aunt that was bestowed upon her.

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Meena Harris used the face and name of her aunt to improve her brand and make money and, considering the shameful image of Biden, the White House is not taking any risks.

They don’t want “Hunter Part Two,” so the warning to Moochig Meena was fired off.

Meena Harris, an outspoken left-wing activist and author of children’s books, has a long history of banking off her aunt’s name, Vice President Kamala Harris, so much so that the niece was allegedly ordered by White House lawyers to stop.

Reportedly, the Biden-Harris White House has become deeply concerned about the ethical ramifications of the exploitative entrepreneurship of Meena Harris.

A White House official told the Los Angeles Times that administrative lawyers advised the niece that she could not manufacture any items using the name or likeness of the vice president.

Meena Harris still traveled on a private plane to the inauguration with a Biden donor and posted photos of the trip on IG after being “briefed” on the rules she would obey after Kamala Harris was elected.

A Harvard-trained lawyer, she also continues to sell sweatshirts with the viral quote spoken by her aunt during the vice presidential debate, “I’m talking,” in her online shop.

In a statement to the Times, supplied by a public relations company, Meena Harris defended her actions.

She reportedly said the following:

‘I have insisted on following all legal and ethical principles since the beginning of the campaign and will continue to strictly adhere to the Biden/Harris White House ethical guidelines.’

‘With regard to Phenomenal, before the inauguration, our intention was always to delete the likeness of the Vice President from the website and refrain from using her likeness in any items or advertisements going forward.’

It’s not surprising that Kamala will have a moochy niece trying to cash in on the great title of her aunt that was granted to her… a typical Democrat, isn’t it?

I hope we’ll see Hunter the schemer splash back into the scene as well. It could take a while because he just got a book advance… to use up a million-plus, he’ll need to buy a lot of crack.


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