Lawmaker Offers A New Approach Solution For The Immigrants: Send Them To Wealthy Democrat Enclaves

“Let’s ship them to those areas that can afford to find out what it’s like with these illegals,” Rep. Ralph Norman said.

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The South Carolina congressman has introduced legislation to open a dozen new ports of entry in America, seeking to shift the burden of President Joe Biden’s border crisis from Texas to wealthy enclaves favored by Democrats like Martha’s Vineyard, New York’s trendy suburbs, and Silicon Valley.

“All these prosperous areas that you see, you know, million-dollar houses, let’s send them there,” Norman told John Solomon Reports podcast. “And let’s let them exercise what they claim to be compassion on illegals.

“Look at the strain it’s going to put on the police departments, the first responders, hospitals, schools, and we’re going to highlight this. … So let’s ship them to those areas that can afford to find out what it’s like with these illegals and deal with them.”

Norman’s legislation would establish 12 new ports for processing of illegal immigrants, including:

* Palo Alto, Calif., the epicenter of Silicon Valley, where iconic companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal once incubated.
* Greenwich, Conn., and Scarsdale, N.Y., in the shadows of New York City, two of America’s wealthiest suburbs.
* Rehoboth Beach, Del., where Biden’s family has a vacation home.
* Cambridge, Mass., a ritzy Boston suburb favored by high-tech and biotech executives.
* Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., the famous summer vacation bastion for liberals, including former President Barack Obama.
* Nantucket, Mass.
* Block Island, R.I.
* North Hero, Vt., home to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, a former Democratic presidential candidate.

Furthermore, “Any official of the Department of Homeland Security, upon encountering any alien who has illegally entered the United States in a covered Border Patrol sector, shall immediately relocate such alien to any of the new ports of entry,” the bill states.

“I can’t think of anything the man has done that’s not harming this country in a big way,” Norman said, addressing to current American President, Joe Biden. “The good news is I think people are waking up to it. And I think people are going to get active, because it’s up to us to ring the bell as far as the downside.”

What do you think about his approach to solving the immigrant crisis?


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