Laura Ingraham Believes There Are Only Two People Who Are “Controlling Biden”

Biden has hinted that there are people behind the scenes who may have a significant influence over what he says and does.

Not only does his current mental state lead one to believe that someone is pulling the strings, but his behavior while addressing press queries has also generated numerous suspicions.

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We hear Biden repeatedly say things like, “I’m not permitted to take questions,” “They told me I had to call on NBC,” “I’m going to get in trouble if I do this,” and so on.

It’s very typical for presidents to be “advised,” after all. That’s how it works. You have a lot of advisors who can help you with counsel and assistance, but they don’t “tell you” what to do.

As a result, hearing this stupid old clown alluding to some “shadowy entity” in the background calling the shots for the supposedly most powerful guy in the world is extremely unnerving.

And now, after all that has happened in Afghanistan, as well as all of the other failures and tragedies, as well as Joe Biden’s clear mental condition, many people are tired of it and fed up with it.

People are now curious as to who is directing this man’s actions. Who’s in charge here?

Laura Ingraham just mentioned two names that will undoubtedly make you ponder.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Who is in charge of the White House and who makes the major decisions?” Is it his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain? Is it the First Lady, or is it someone else? America has a right to know.”

What people had to say regarding Laura’s theory was as follows:

“Every time I see him on the podium and he’s about to take questions and he says “well now they’ve given me a list of names on who to call on ; so let’s see…”
I wonder who the “THEY” is.”

“I think Mrs. is more involved with his well being than we know. She knows his weaknesses and I’m sure she keeps tabs on everything to help protect him. Why she let him go for the Presidency, is beyond me.”

“I’ll raise my hand and answer. China is in control. It’s my gut feeling.”

“They” are. They told me to call on this reporter. They told me not to take questions. They told me to walk away from the press conference. They told me to go to Dover. They tell me what to say, they tell me what to do. It is THEY!”

“It’s not Sleepy…he would screw up a lemonade stand”

The American people have a right to know what is going on with this administration.

It’s evident that Biden can’t even choose his own clothes, let alone run a country, at this time.


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