Latest PHE Report: Vaccinated Account for 56% of Covid-19 Cases, 61% of Hospitalizations, and 77% of Deaths

According to these numbers and the statistics, the cases are 11 times higher than this time last year when there was no Covid-19 vaccine.

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The latest report made and published by Public Health England shows that Covid-19 deaths are 11 times higher than this time last year when there wasn’t a Covid-19 vaccine available that allegedly reduces the risk of death due to Covid-19 by 95%!

“Between August 23rd, 2020 and September 19th, 2020 there were allegedly 275 deaths recorded that were associated with Covid-19. By associated we mean that they died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus.

However, fast forward precisely one year and between August 23rd, 2021, and September 19th, 2021, there were allegedly 3,125 deaths associated with Covid-19, and the vast majority of those deaths were people who had been fully vaccinated.”

“This represents a 1,036% increase in the number of deaths associated with Covid-19 on the previous year, meaning Covid-19 deaths are currently 11.3 times higher than the same period in 2020 despite 80% of the UK population now having had a Covid-19 vaccine, and having summer on our side to keep all respiratory viruses at bay.

Public Health England’s (PHE) latest ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance’ report, published 23rd September, also shows that the majority of Covid-19 cases between the 23rd August 2021 and 19th September 2021 have been recorded among the fully vaccinated population, with 277,474 cases being recorded over a period of four weeks.”

“There were also a further 54,183 cases among people who had received a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine more than 21 days prior to testing positive, 13,004 cases among people who had received a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine less than 21 days prior to testing positive, and 275,845 cases among the unvaccinated population.”

This means the vaccinated accounted for 55.5% of Covid-19 cases between August 23rd, 2021, and September 19th, 2021.

the conclusion, presented by the Daily Expose gives me the chills.

But we’d like to argue that the Covid-19 vaccines do not only not work, but they also make the recipient far worse if exposed to the alleged Covid-19 virus, and this is evident from the fact the case-fatality rate has been significantly higher among the fully vaccinated population since at least June 2021.

And if we are right; which the evidence suggests we are – we dread to think what this winter will bring with soaring energy prices, and food shortages coupled with the return of all respiratory viruses such as influenza, alongside the alleged circulating Covid-19 virus. It’s a recipe for disaster.”


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