LAPD Union Asks NBA To Investigate LeBron James

The Los Angeles Protective League’s Detective Jamie McBride has formally requested that the NBA prosecute LeBron James for “inciting abuse” against the Ohio cop who interfered in the Makhia Bryant incident.

Last week, the left-wing basketball player sent a tweet with the words “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” in all caps, putting a target on the back of the Ohio cop who had no choice but to use deadly force against Bryant.

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“McBride and his group, the Los Angeles Protective League,” according to Fox News, “sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver officially requesting an investigation into LeBron James’ tweet to decide whether the player broke any rules.”

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McBride told Laura Ingraham, “LeBron James sent the tweet out to over fifty million followers to provoke abuse, and that’s essentially what that tweet did.”

“LeBron James is one of the biggest hypocrites out there,” McBride said. “LeBron James has spoken about how horrible police officers are and how they’re just murderers on several occasions. They are, however, providing security at his residence. He and his family are protected by off-duty officers. So you have assassins providing cover for him at his home?”

“Celebrities from all over Los Angeles… and LeBron James employ off-duty cops to provide protection at their homes for him, but they won’t mention them because it would make them look bad in front of their fans,” he told Ingraham. “They’re trying to portray themselves as crusaders, but what they’re doing is inciting violence.”

Do you believe LeBron James should be prosecuted for causing abuse against a police officer in Ohio?


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