Kyle Rittenhouse Finally Explains An Aspect That Remained A Mystery – And This Video Is Here To Prove His Words

You know the line: “everything you say may, and will be used against you”? Well, Kyle Rittenhouse has finally been found “not guilty”, and he can clearly say his opinion, his defense, and the actual truth that he was strictly obliged not to, by the law previously.

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Now he mentioned something really scary that happened to him while he was being attacked and ran for his life.

According to Kyle’s statement,

“The incident happened right at the moment armed ANTIFA activist Gaige Grosskreutz was coming after Kyle Rittenhouse. You may recall, that during the trial Gaige claimed he heard Kyle “re-rack” his gun. Kyle was adamant that he never “re-racked” his gun.”

Well, as it turns out, Kyle’s rifle actually malfunctioned during the melee, and it happened right at the moment Gaige was bolting down on him with a gun pointed at his head!!!

And that’s when Kyle noticed that the “ejection port” of his rifle was opened about an inch, and he hit the “forward assist” to close the ejection port.

Gaige saw him do that, and must’ve thought Kyle was “re-racking” his gun.

Watch the video below and see it for yourself:

Can you imagine being a young 17year old at that point?

What would you have done if that was you on Kyle’s place?

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