Kristie Alley Says Her Own COVID Battle Made Her Really Awaken And See What’s Going On

Once we don’t feel some specific things on our own skin, we might never learn. The personal experience is the best teacher, but sometimes, it is best to avoid it… And in this case, whether she wanted it or not, her own struggle with the COVID virus came to her awakening too…

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After actress Kristie Alley barely recovered from the COVID virus, her perspectives changed bug way. It is truly a disease like no other – every single organ and cell is getting attacked simultaneously!

After her struggle, the actress felt so strange that she believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that COVID is indeed a “bioweapon.”

Here are some of the comments on her tweet from people having the same experience.

“Same. I had it on 3/20 lasted 23 days. Was a slow burn, nothing like ever I ever had, not the worst cold ever but deff the weirdest. Niacin 1000mg Got rid of my cough that lasted until July 2020. Rid of my cough in 1 day.”

“My sister had it. She said it’s like covid attacks your weaknesses, she’s always had migraines and backaches so when she had it she had even more terrible headaches and it’s like her back was being ripped into shreds that she wanted to just cut herself open.”

“I’ve said that from day 1. I had it in February 2020 before people knew what it was. My oxygen levels were in the low 80’s but I wasn’t short of breath so the nurses told me their machines must just need charging. Sent me home with antibiotics and told me to buy Claritin.”

“I said it was the weirdest sick I have ever been. Seemed more neurological to me than a virus. I had bad headaches and was crazy tired. I felt dizzy and lost taste and smell. At no time though did I think I was deathly ill and am fine now.”

True, some people really struggle with the virus, while others barrel feel they are sick. It’s a devious disease compared to no other…


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