Kirstie Alley Just Gave Every Single American The Best Piece of News-Watching Advice She’s Ever Heard

Consider how different this country would be if we didn’t have this scumbag news media.

Because, despite the authority they have lost as a result of President Trump, they still have WAY too much.

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All you have to do is look at how terrified Americans are of the COVID virus.

If you’re a CNN watcher and you see COVID, you’ll probably start planning your funeral right away — that’s how far the media has gone with their audiences.

And believe me when I say that if the media were decent, Joe Biden’s “approval” would be under 7%…

The media is also the main reason we’re all at odds with each other… For the media, a happy, well-adjusted country means no views and clicks.

They profit a lot more when we’re all divided and outraged, believe me.

That’s where Kirstie Alley, a conservative actress, comes in.

When it came to the news, she sent out a tweet that I thought had the perfect advise for ALL Americans.

“If you want to have a nice day, don’t watch the news….for a few years,” Kirstie advised.

My job requires me to check up news all day. However, I make every effort to avoid viewing the news on television.

I used to be a Fox News fan, but that all changed when I saw them begin to flip on President Trump…and the 2020 election was just the cherry on top.

To be honest, I can’t recall the last time I turned on the major national news….so for those of you who don’t work in “politics,” do yourselves a favor and change the station away from Fox News and see how your blood pressure drops.


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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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